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An Okay Sudoku

The game is okay, although the controls are not too good if you want to use pencil.


Ben fatto ed esaustivo

Ben fatto

Ottimo e pure gratis


The best if you love sudoku

The best sudoku game

The best susoku game

Good game.

Fun for a quick game in less than 10 minutes. Not much difference between hard and expert levels.

Excellent, No BS Sudoku

Good puzzles, good interface, not annoying.

Great fun

The different levels allow meto challenge myself. Really great app.


Challenging yet fun. Very addictive

My fallback game

I play games that use the brain. This one is the one I always fall back on when the others begin to bore me. Great game.

Excellent !

Using on the airplane all the time!

Fun and addictive

Plain simple sudoku fun - good interface and challenge levels.

I... this game!

One of the best

Love to play games and this is one I play every day and have for several years!

Sudoku Review

Great app. Worked my way up to Expert. My sudoku chops are becoming quite strong. If I were to criticize something it would be this: the app lets you know if you place a number incorrectly by turning the number red. This makes the game easier than traditional sudoku by preventing the player from getting lost down the rabbit hole of placing numbers in the wrong place. When you play on paper and put a number in the wrong place, you often dont realize it until later, which forces you to retrace your steps to find out where you went wrong, which can take considerable time and be quite frustrating. When the app shows a number in red, it warns you thus preventing this pitfall. Itd be nice to have the option to turn off the red number warnings so the game could be as challenging as traditional sudoku. Other than that, the app is fantastic.


Good but needs some challanges beyond expert level

I love this game!

I have been playing this version if Sudoku for about 2 years now, and its the only one I really like. Its challenging, but not impossible, and its easy and intuitive.

Always dependably fun!

I play this game everywhere. Simple, well-designed fun!

No iphone 5 support

Love the app, but where is the iphone 5 update?

Thumbs Up

Great game!

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